RB Hybrid OS Release: Hybrid OS v2.1 Bold 9700

This is for the 9700 Base

Includes 743/758/ Files (Thanks to WillyBoy6 for releasing these)

About and Help Screen both reads

This is v2.1, a minor update of the v2 743/758 Full Java

Change Log Includes-

Added 20 Files for better battery life/performance

Added a few .743 Files for better battery life/performance




Continue reading for instructions on loading this hybrid.

1) Remove any installed OSes and install 9700

2) Download and Install RBs_9700v2.1.exe

3) Choose which OS you have installed (Leaked, Optus, Rogers)

4) Make sure to create a backup

5) Run Shrink-A-OS if preferred (DO NOT REMOVE OTA UPGRADE)

6) Run Loader.exe and Install

7) After installation do a battery pull

Updated Features:

-Fast Boot Time (Under 2min)

-Fast Browser

-Excellent Battery Life

-Fast and Stable OS/Media

-WiFi stable and connects Fast

Still unable to change Date/Time via Options, use Network Time or change via Setup Wizard.

Download Here

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NOTE:  Any Hybrid OS is an unofficial RIM  release and is also not supported by your carrier.  You take full responsibility for loading this OS on your phone.  Nerdberry.net nor RB Hybirds will  be held responsible for any damages from loading this on your phone.  Always make sure you have a current backup before proceeding.