AT&T begins transition of Big Red’s assets


This is very interesting news for Big Red’s customers in 79 Markets. A welcoming letter explaining the first phase of the transition to AT&T. The letter confirms that  AT&T  is activating its service on a market-by-market basis and is working on integrating the two disparate networks. Once integration is complete, AT&T will transition customers over to its service, plans, and handsets shortly thereafter. 

I am very curious in seeing how Big Red’s customers handle the transition. Are you going to change to a different wireless provider or are you going to stay and get the new Iphone 4? I see a lot of changes in Big Red’s future could this explain why Big Red is getting the Iphone, Could this mean a full blown merger is in the works?

What are your thoughts on this? Please feel free to leave your questions and or comments on this post or in the forum.

Source: BGR