First Shots of a 9650 Running Blackberry 6

So for those of you out there wondering, or should I say praying, that Blackberry 6 would be coming to existing devices…. Your prayers have been answered.

The first screenshots of a Bold 9650 running the OS have come out, and I am sure there are many happy 9650 owners out there. Many of us have been wondering which existing devices will be getting BB6, and with the 9650 being the first device with 512MB of memory, it seemed a logical choice.

Now the question is what does this means for existing devices that only have 256MB of memory? Will the 9700, the supposed “flagship” device, get Blackberry 6?? I guess only time will tell.

If your current device does not get Blackberry 6 what will you do? Drop a comment or head over to the Nerdberry Forums and let us know.

Source: BB Leaks

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