Nielsen Report: Most BlackBerry Users Don’t Want Another BlackBerry?!?

  • smartphone-switch Only 42% of current BlackBerry users want their next device to be a BlackBerry device
  • 29% of BlackBerry users want an iPhone for their next phone
  • 21% of BlackBerry users want an Android for their next phone

These numbers compare to 89% of iPhone users and 71% of Android users who want their next device to have the same OS. The Nielsen report also shows that while RIM still dominates in operating system market share with 35% they are down from a high of 38% as shown below:  


They are also on a downward slope when it comes to acquiring new subscribers with only 33% in the last quarter compared to 45% in Q2 2009.  


So what do you make of these numbers? Do you plan on jumping ship from BlackBerry? I personally think that RIM has one last chance to really wow everybody with BlackBerry 6 and I really hope it is a hit. Anybody want to place a friendly bet on how BlackBerry 6 fares?  

Source: Berry Review