First Live Shots of a Bold 9650 Running Blackberry 6


With the official release of Blackberry 6 a few days behind us we are now seeing some pics coming out of existing devices running the new OS.  And of course the first of these is the 9650, which we all knew was going to be able to run the OS prior to the press conference. 

The guys over at BB Leaks have once again pulled through and posted these pics for us all to enjoy.  This is a 9650 running a build that is meant for Verizon.  Who knows what builds will actually be released officially after the carriers do their work, but hopefully they are still working out the kinks as apparently the 9650 runs a little slow on this current build.

Hopefully we will start to see some pics come out soon of the 9700 and the 91xx also running Blackberry 6, as I am sure all of those users are patiently waiting to see what it will look like.

Source:BB Leaks