BlackBerry Storm 3 9570 Coming to VZW in October?

So it appears that a Verizon roadmap for new upcoming devices has been leaked.  This roadmap shows a couple of upcoming devices with a mid-to-late October release and one of the devices listed is a Storm 3 9570 and a Curve 9300.   Good news for you Storm users!

“Mid to late October is where it’s supposed to get exciting, with a possible launch of the RIM BlackBerry Storm 3 9570. Interestingly, our source mentioned that the Storm 3 will run BB OS 6, but will still feature a Sure Press touchscreen. That would be strange, given the Torch has made the move to the far more proven capacitive tech. The other surprise for BlackBerry fans will be the new Curve 3 9330.”

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether the Storm 3 will be a refresh of the Storm 2, or a completely redesigned device.  I’m hoping for the later.   What are your thoughts on this topic?  Share them here or head on over to our forums and share you opinions!

Source:  BBLeaks, PhoneArena