BlackBerry Bold R020 will replace the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Wouldn’t you think RIM would be replacing a high-end device with a brand new device, right?  Previous rumors stated that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 would be getting nothing more than a simple refresh.   The boys over at Boy Genius Reports have leaked an internal document with all kinds of goodies in it.   One of the highlights in the documents is the BlackBerry Bold R020 (9020, 9750, just mere guesses at this point)  will be identical to the 9700 visually.  However, the internals will be different.  They are:

  • Powerful Processor at 624Mhz (Really RIM?? Powerful?)
  • BlackBerry OS 6
  • Internal memory increased to 512MB
  • 5MP camera
  • Coming in both a camera and non camera version

The target date of release is October 2010.

Anyone wonder why RIM is going to re-release the 9700?   Why not just create the ultimate  BlackBerry without using recycled parts?  Come one RIM, I think you can do better than this.  I think with these slight upgrades to the Tour and the Bold really annoy current users because not enough has changed to warrant an upgrade. and we are still waiting for RIM to release BlackBerry 6.

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Source:  BGR