BlackBerry 6 running on a BlackBerry Bold 9700!

UPDATE:  No OTA link or download link at this time.  We will post one as soon as we get one.

Well this should make all of you BlackBerry Bold 9700 users very happy this Friday!!  The good folks over at BGR have loaded BlackBerry OS 6 on a 9700 device.

Some highlights from the video, which you can watch below.

  • Comparing BlackBerry 6 on the 9700 to BlackBerry 6 on the 9800, we feel that the 9700 runs it better
  • It is less complicated to use, more functional (at least for us)
  • And the best for last,  It even boots up in around a minute!
  • For some reason, even though this build is not a final build, the phone feels snappy and doesn’t seem to get bogged down like our BlackBerry Torch did.

And before you ask, yes, all the great features of OS 6 are here… the WebKit Browser, Universal Search, and more.

Lets hope we see a leak of OS 6 sometime soon for a beloved 9700s.

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Source:  BGR