Bell Set To Launch Blackberry 6 In Early 2011?


This photo has been leaked out from Bell and shows that they are looking to launch Blackberry 6 to existing devices in early 2011.  This photo is an internal screenshot and it shows the ‘roadmap’ if you will for what devices Bell is planning on offering Blackberry 6 to.  You can see that while there are no firm dates in this shot, but that the devices that Bell is looking at are the 9700, Pearl 3G 9100, and the Curve 3G 9300.

While many of us are eager for these devices to get Blackberry 6, but is this news from Bell is the nrom, we will be waiting till the new year for official releases.  Now that isn’t to say that we won’t see some leaks before that time frame.  And of course we will keep you all up to date on any news that comes out regarding Blackberry 6 being released for existing devices.

Source: The Berry Fix