VZW BlackBerry OS6 Plans for Q4 of 2010

From the folks over at GizmoFusion:

Big Red is looking forward to pushing out the new BlackBerry OS6 to not 1, but 3 devices by the end of 2010.  The upcoming Storm2 refresh (no model number yet), the Bold 9650  and the 9330 Curve.

The Storm2 refresh will hit drop in November 2010, right inline with all you black Friday shoppers.  The Curve 9330 will come to VZW in December.

Both the Storm2 and the Curve 8530 will hit EOL (End of Life) in October 2010.

Also, the bold 9650 will receive the OS6 upgrade sometime in between the release of the Storm2 refresh and the 9330 Curve.

Source:  GizmoFusion