RIM Buys Docs to go?


DataViz acquired by RIM 

DataViz, makers of Documents To Goapplication, started out developing for Palm stated some upsetting news today for Palm fans. They are not going to continue to develop the Documents To Go solution for Palm WebOS.  What’s more interesting is that DataViz was bought by RIM!! Although neither have publicly announced it (yet), multiple sources have confirmed to Kevin from Crackberry that “RIM recently acquired DataViz for a reported $50 million cash (not material to RIM, so they didn’t have to disclose it has publicly as they have done with other acquisitions like the QNX one). What is going to be interesting is what RIM plans on doing with there latest acquisition… Is RIM going to us the software as a perk for companies to buy BES or are the going to add the program to every Blackberry sold?  

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Source: Crackberry