Feeds – Google Reader Client is now Available in the Blackberry App World


Feeds is a clean and beautiful Google Reader Client for your BlackBerry® device.  When using Feeds, all of your actions will be synced with Google Reader.  This means if you read an article in Feeds, then the next time you view your feeds on Google Reader, it will also be marked as read.  Like wise if you read an item on Google Reader, the next time you open Feeds that article will be marked as read.

- Complete two-way integration with Google Reader
- Fast and intuitive interface that allows you to focus on your feeds
- Manage your unread and starred items
- Settings to control how many feeds are download at once (for slow network connections)
- Mark entire folders or feeds as read with one click
- Fully optimized for minimal memory and battery usage
- Ability to disable images within feeds for slow network connections, as well as a Wi-Fi only option
- Ability to read items while offline (but no syncing will occur)
Coming Soon*:
- Full offline support
- Background support
- Sharing items via email, sms, and pin messaging
- Third party services such as Read it Later and Instapaper (more to be added**)

*All future enhancements will be a free download to those who have already bought the application.
**If you have thoughts on how to improve the application, please email support@cdjstudios.com

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Source: CrackBerry / App World