Slacker Radio for BlackBerry Adds On Demand Tier

Slacker Radio, one of the top free BlackBerry radio apps, is adding a new premium service to their line up.  This new service will allow users to search for specific songs or albums and play them on demand.  This latest update will put Slacker up there with their competitor Pandora and even allow them to compete with Rhapsody.

Along with the on demand feature, Slacker users will have some other options available to them with the premium purchase:

Some features included are:

  • Unlimited song skipping
  • Create custom playlist
  • Deeper track listing
  • Ad free
  • On-Demand search
  • Caching songs on your device

This premium upgrade will cost you $9.00 a month.  This is $6.00 more then their Plus tier.  A tentative release frame for this new feature is October/November.

Are you willing to pay $9.00 to hear your favorite music?  I know most BlackBerry users these days have at least a 16GB SD card to hold all their favorite tunes.  Nerdberry is interested in hearing how many of you will upgrade to this service when available?   How many of you will pass on it?  Drop us a line here, or head on over to our Nerdberry Forums and share your thoughts.