Jim Balsillie Address RIM’s Ability To Compete With Apple and Android

Yesterday during RIM’s earnings call Co-CEO Jim Balsillie addressed the question of how Blackberry is and are planning to compete with all platforms. Balsillie had to have known that this question would be raised, especially with all the flak the Torch and Blackberry 6 took when it was released. Balsillie did talk about the fact that the Torch is doing well in their eyes, and that they do have some surprises coming up at Devcon. He went on a bit of a rant at the end when answering the question, and may of us are still trying to decipher all of the things he said.

I think in terms of what BlackBerry does, you know, it still has a tremendous number of attributes that really serve the market in the way that we align it for the service and for the carrier and for the segment that it’s supposed to address. And I think it’s dangerous to frame all this in a high-end arms race. And I think you’re going to see our capacity to go beyond what could have been expected by anyone and yet still address the issues of cost effectiveness, security, efficiency, and desired form factors.

Our specialty’s been in resolving a paradox, and if you don’t innovate to resolve that paradox… You know, robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t really a solution because you’re just shifting strategies. The feature phones upgrading to a smartphone, I think our guidance just shows what’s happening. And if you saw the roadmap and you saw the engagement strategies you would see that we are being very prudent in our approaches.

But this is a really promising space, and we can address lots of segments. And we can still respect carrier alignment and efficiency, and different price points.

But, I think you’re going to see the ability to, I don’t know how to say it better, than other than “resolve the paradox.” Because if you make these things so high-end that they’re not addressable to the market, or they’re so consumptive of the networks they can’t scale, that’s not what we originally designed our business for.

And what we’ve done is innovate to really avail the capability but still not sell out our lineage, and that’s the paradox that we’re resolving. But be careful that just because you don’t jump to Peter and abandon Paul, to sort of carry on with that sort of approach, that we don’t have an answer. We’re trying to innovate, forward our business, not be strategically erratic.

The core BlackBerry aspects are well defended and looked after and protected. But it’s in a space where people have mushrooming expectations of what these things can do. And that’s the essence of the paradox. And all I can say is it won’t take long before you see how we’ve done that.  And I think Torch and BlackBerry 6 is really an excellent step forward.

The promo campaigns are just really starting. But that’s why you’ve seen the jump in guidance… and the subs is that. I hope I answered your question. It’s hard for me to answer it too directly without sort-of violating confidential roadmap stuff.

The just of what I believe Balsillie is trying to say is that while it is aesthetically pleasing to have a AMOLED screen with a huge resolution powered by a 1GHz processor the fact of the matter is that it deprives the user of battery life. Personally I find that the Torch is a great device and the 624MHz processor does a good job.

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Source: Berry Review

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