RIM To Launch Playbook By February-March 2011??

Since it’s announcement at DEVCON10 the Playbook has been a hot topic with Blackberry lovers, well today it seems that there is a rumor regarding the launch dates.  It was fairly obvious during DEVCON10 that the Playbook was not ready to be truly unleashed as no one had access to it, rather they were protected by thick plexiglass and seemed to be running on looped videos.  Since the Playbook will be running a completely new OS with QNX it is not surprising that there is most likely a lot of R&D still needed.  In a recent article on eWeek there is discussion about the Playbook not doing well in testing, but that since the launch date isn’t expected to be till February or March of 2011, RIM still has lots of time to get their tablet up to speed.

Hopefully RIM will not make the mistake of trying to rush the tablet for the holiday season if it is not ready.  If they do I fear that all the hype over the specs and the OS will quickly be forgotten and the Playbook will fall into the same category as the Storm launch, which left much to be desired.  Only time will tell what RIM is thinking and doing, but hopefully we will see an operational Playbook on display at CES in Las Vegas, and then have a launch a month or so after.

To read the full article from eWeek click here. The article mainly deals with the Storm 3, so it is a good read.

What do all of you think RIM is going to do with the Playbook??? Will we see it before the holidays, or will they wait until it is truly ready for a launch?? Please let us know by dropping a comment or heading over to the Nerdberry Forums!

Source: Pocket Berry