BerryWeather’s New Icon-sets are becoming very popular!

BerryWeather Icon-sets have taken the BlackBerry Nation by storm! Big pun intended! Well if you haven’t heard by now the critically acclaimed BlackBerry Weather application has recently been updated. The update has brought a new feature that is sure to become a trend. This seemingly simple addition is the ability to change what the icons for let’s say a cloudy day look like. The reason why I think it’s going to become a trend is because since the launch of the update (Oct 14, 2010). The application comes with a default icon-set loaded but since the new updated there has been a strong increase in icon-sets from various developers.

Since the release of the update I have seen the number of icon-sets go up to 29 with no signs of slowing down. The developers will certainly keep them coming (since some have personally told me so). I have pretty much installed most of them and let me share with you some of them now:

Pretty sweet huh? Well if you don’t see one you like make sure you check out Bellshare’s Icon-set download page from your BB browser to find one that suits your needs. You can surely expect more to be added so keep checking maybe one will catch your eye. One other you could do is just download all of them and change them as you go.

Customization is the key when working on a BlackBerry since we don’t have widgets or good working live wallpapers which I can do without this weather icon-set feature is for sure a selling point it made me buy it and I think it should make you buy it as well.

Check out the app in The NerdBerry Store for $4.97, its on sale so better get while its available. Once you buy it or update if you haven’t done so. Share with us what your favorite Icon-set is!