BlackBerry App World: You can now Install and Purchase Apps from the website!

I just found out that we can go to the BlackBerry App World website and  now Install and Purchase Apps direct! App World InstallerWe knew this feature was on its way but we don’t understand why RIM did not make a huge deal about it being up and running?  So you can now purchase, download, and install both paid and free apps directly through the App World Webstore. Payment methods available are Carrier Billing, PayPal, and Credit Card payments. You have to download and install a small plug-in called App World Installer. You will be prompted to download this plug-in when you get to the download screen. So what do you think of the newest way to download apps to your BlackBerry?

blackberry app world installer App World payment

Blackberry app world purchase App World Installer2

App World Installer3 BlackBerry app world sign in

Photo Source: Berry Review