BlackBerry Style 9670 now available on Sprints website!


Sprint has released the BlackBerry Style 9670 on 10/31/10. You can pick up the new Blackberry Style with full QWERTY on this link to Sprint’s website. You can pick up the Style for $99.99 with a $100 mail in rebate with a 2 year contract, or you can buy it out right for $399.99.

The Style 9670 id the first and only CDMA phone to ship with BBOS 6 preloaded. Did RIM rushed the Style out the door? RIM has already published 10 knowledge base articles with issues the phone’s OS has including:

  • BlackBerry Style smartphone may respond slower when sending or receiving data KB24412
  • While playing music on the BlackBerry smartphone, the media player closes unexpectedly  KB24416
  • The roaming indicator may appear on the BlackBerry smartphone when you are not roaming if your wireless service provider is Sprint KB24419
  • “An error has occurred attempting to play media” appears on the BlackBerry smartphone when playing a music file in the media player KB24415
  • Unable to pair a BlackBerry smartphone to a computer using a Bluetooth adapter KB24411
  • The video camera application does not zoom in or out KB24409

So we are thinking the 9670 will see an OS update very soon. It could also explain why carriers have not released any official BlackBerry 6 OS updates. What do you think of the BlackBerry Style? Are you going to pick this new device up or just wait untill the update the OS? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this post or in our NerdBerry Forum.

Source: BerryReview