India And RIM Seemingly Come To Terms On Threat Of Blackberry Ban

If you remember a little way back to August, we reported that India, among other nations, was threatening to ban Blackberry service due to security concerns. The Indian government had given RIM till the end of October to meet their demands for Blackberry service to continue. The main concern of the Indian ministry was the fact that emails, blackberry messenger, etc were encrypted and not accessible by the government.

This concern was also raised by the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and RIM came to agreement with them that there would be some temporary measure put in place to allow the government certain provisions to access information. Basically RIM and the Indian government have reached the same type of agreement.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said Friday that Research in Motion Ltd., the Canadian maker of the smart phones, has agreed to an interim arrangement for lawful interception of Blackberry messenger services – an instant messaging application – and pledged to provide a final solution by January.

What this means is that Blackberry service will not be banned in India, which comes as a relief to many users. RIM now has a few more months to develop a permanent method for the Indian government to monitor encrypted information without opening up the flood gates.

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Source: CBS News

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