Rumors:What is The Blackberry 9900????

Well if you have been wondering what RIM has coming up next, the gang over at BerryReview have just got tipped off about some internal screen shots that show a Blackberry 9900.  These photos are from a Vodafone Germany internal system showing a 9900 battery door cover.  Our minds are going a mile a minute here trying to decipher what this could be.  Since the Playbook was announced, and the thought of QNX hitting mobile devices, our speculations automatically go there, but who knows what this is!

If you remember way back there was rumors of RIM developing a 9900 series in September 2009, which many assumed became the Torch 9800 .  Perhaps this is just a typo, or an internal system that has not been updated, but of course many will come to a multitude of different assumptions.  And lets be honest that is half the fun!

What do you think the 9900 is?  Could it be a QNX based Blackberry? Please share you speculations by dropping a comment or head over to the Nerdberry Forums and get the debate going!

Source: BerryReview