Blackberry Storm3 Codenamed Monaco; Bold Hybrid with Touchscreen Codenamed Montana.

As most of you know there has been a rumor for everyone and their dog concerning the Storm3.  The newest addition to the rumor mill is a Bold/Touchscreen Hybrid device, to be know as Magnum/Dakota. The only problem that we have run into with the Storm3 rumors is that we do not have a code name for the device. That has all changed.

Word is that the Storm3′s codename will be known as BlackBerry Monaco. This gives a little bit of background on the phone. The new image is believed to be a Storm3 prototype. The second device to get a new codename is the Hybrid touchscreen device. It will be known as a BlackBerry Montana; it is also rumored to be the elusive model 9900.

One thing to remember, code names can change like the seasons so keep up with all of the news to make sure you are looking for the correct thing.