Blackberry Style 9670 Now Available From Bell

For any of our Canadian readers that are the Bell network and have been waiting for the Style to be available, you can now go online and pick it up.  The Style 9670 has been one of the most debated Blackberry’s to be released this year, and surprisingly it seems to have grown on a lot of users.  You can pick the 9670 from Bell for $49.95 on a new 3-year contract, $349.95 on a 2-year, $374.95 on a 1-year contract.  Of course if you are not a fan of the subsidies our very long and one could say ridiculous Canadian cellular plans, there is always the option to buy the phone outright for $399.95, which is a much better deal than signing up for a one or two year contract.

Click here to check out the Style 9670 from Bell

As always if any of you have or are going to be picking yourself up a Style 9670, we would love to hear what you think of the device by either dropping us a comment or head over to the Nerdberry Forums.

Source: Crackberry