Slacker’s Basic Radio Service now Free for Canadians

Slacker is now offering its free basic radio service to all Canadian users. At first, the basic radio service came with a 30 day trial, but not free forever. Slacker’s premium service(Slacker Radio Plus) allows users to get cache station’s, No ads, song lyrics, unlimited song skipping, song requests and much more.

Slacker Basic Radio features:

• Create custom stations based on artists or songs
• No monthly listening limits
• High-quality stereo playback from any available wireless connection
• Over 80 professionally programmed and customizable genre stations
• View artist biographies and photos
• View album art and reviews
• Pause and skip songs
• Rate songs as favorites
• Ban songs and artists

Slacker Radio Plus features:

• Cache stations to leading smartphones and listen even without a wireless network
• Unlimited song skipping
• Ad-free listening
• Complete song lyrics*
• Unlimited song requests for creating stations
• “Peek Ahead” artist and album preview
• ABC News station and headline news updates for any station

Slacker Basic Radio is free to download and Slacker Radio Plus is available for around CAD$3.99 per month. For more info please visit