BlackBerry Smartphones to be Censored In Indonesia?

RIM has had to deal with a lot of possible BlackBerry bans in different counties the past few months. In an article from The Wall Street Journal; “RIM will implement Internet filtering in Indonesia “as soon as possible,” after a minister threatened to shut down Internet browsing on BlackBerry smartphones if the company didn’t block websites that have pornography.”

Here is the info:

“It will be the first time ever that the company will apply Internet filtering in any country, according to an official at RIM’s Indonesia office, who declined to be named. RIM and the government will meet on Jan. 17 to discuss the matter, Gatot Dewobroto, a spokesman for Indonesia’s Information Ministry said Monday.

“RIM has been engaged with its carrier partners and the government on this matter and continues to make it a top priority to implement satisfactory technical solutions with its partners as soon as possible,” the company said in an email statement.

The latest development comes after the Indonesian government last year told Internet service providers in the country to block customers from viewing websites with pornographic content. The threat made Friday against RIM was the latest in a slew of warnings Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring has given since last year; the minister has also been demanding that the Canadian company set up a server in Indonesia to allow the government to access data sent via BlackBerry if needed for example in probing corruption cases.”


RIM would stand to lose about 2 million subscribers over a complete ban in Indonesia if they did not step in and do what the Indonesian government wants. RIM is still dealing with issues in India and other counties to allow them full access to encrypted BlackBerry data. Which I do not agree with… What are your thoughts on this subject?

Source via BBRocks