10 Signs Your Devices Are Hurting Your Relationships!?! – POLL!

So I am sitting in my office today and my wife (she works with me and yes I am married and she is Canadian!!!) walks in and hands me this paper with the statements below on it. She proceeds to tell me read this and check all that apply to you. OK whats the deal? Just read it is what I got from her. So I read it like she requested me to:

1.You can’t get through a meal without emailing, texting or talking on the phone.

2. You look at more than one screen at a time, checking email while watching television, for example.

3. You regularly email or text, other than for something urgent, while your partner or another family member is with you.

4. You sleep with your phone near you, and you check your email or texts while in bed.

5. You log onto your computer while in bed.

6. You have had an argument with a loved one about your use of technology.

7. You text or email while driving.

8. You no longer go outside for fun.

9. You never turn off your phone.

10. When you spend time with your family — a meal, a drive, hanging out — each person is looking at a different screen.

After going through the list I was really surprised at how many I checked off. I checked a total of 8 off the list that pertained to me, I thought WOW technology has really gotten in my life more then what I thought it has. So I thought it would be fun to share with all of you! I also included the below poll. The 2 statements that did not pertain to me were: Number 8 and number 5. Please fee free to share your thoughts on this post in the form of a comment!

[polldaddy poll=4384493]

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