Nobex Radio Companion Updated to V2.3.11 – Adds OS 6 Support

We’ve just been tipped off with an email from Nobex Radio Companion.They have updated their BlackBerry app and have added support for BB6 Os, mainly the Torch 9800. Other changes include: a floating menu for ease of use, stations listed by popularity, and an easy-to-use search tool to help find your favorite stations. When the application is downloaded the preset stations are now the top stations in the user’s area.

We have also added playlist information for our top stations around the world, so that everyone can enjoy this feature, not only our US listeners. Add this to the fact that we have more than doubled the amount of stations we support – over 16,000 and everyone should be able to find what they’re looking for!
Nobex Radio Companion has also changed the way people listen to radio by making it an interactive, social experience.  With integration to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, sharing favorite songs and stations with friends is easy to do.

Download Nobex Radio Companion Updated to V2.3.11 for free