Twitter for BlackBerry Beta v1.1.0.17 Change Log and Bug List

Earlier we told you about Twitter for BlackBerry Beta Updated to v1.1.0.17!

Now we have the change log for you:

The following issues are known for build

  • Callouts for picture and Geolocation are not drawn correctly. Several points are shown, instead of one
  • Time stamp on existing tweets does not update unless new tweets received
  • When Tweet box or Message box contain multiple links Shorten Link(s) only shortens one link
  • #topics are not getting overwritten when user starts typing on a reply with the physical keyboard
  • Some mentions are posted without location information even though geotagging is enabled
  • No message telling user when location lookup fails
  • The location that is tweeted does not match the location on the Tweet bar

The following are issues that were fixed in build

  • Push @mention issues
  • Updates to Geo-tweeting User Interface
  • Errors with posting/opening shortened links
  • Occasionally when you send a Direct Message, the message fails stating “Cannot send a message to a user who is not following you”
  • Lock icon overlaps the Name in the conversation screen for protected user
  • Social Feeds – Twitter refresh rate – 1 hour is plural in French
  • Twitter follower – inconsistent terminology in French
  • Truncated string under Twitter list in French
  • Concatenated string issue under Twitter list in French
  • (RT) shows in the retweet icon tooltip (Portuguese)
  • Conversation Screen font does not change until it is reloaded
  • Notification count includes non-followed users mentions
  • Shortening link not working, original link not getting replaced
  • Twitter is not listed under social feeds application options
  • Delayed/bad char count on conversation message screen on Pearl
  • After sending a long message and receiving a short message, the 2 messages overlap on the conversation list screen

In addition to the items above, the following is a list of both feature requests and software defects reported by beta testers:

Feature Requests

  • Enhanced @mentions (similar to DM style within messages list)
  • No bubble around Twitter Icon
  • Customize themes & colours
  • Open at last read tweet
  • Checkbox for each location on each tweet, rather than on, or off
  • Additional notification settings
  • Additional map options
  • Smaller DM banner
  • Multiple Account support
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to save a tweet if it fails to post
  • Option to ‘delete all’ for DMs
  • ‘Add to Facebook’ /BBM feature
  • Support for In-line Flickr
  • Support for #NowPlaying feature
  • ‘Mute User’ feature
  • Twitlonger
  • Left to Right scrolling between Tabs just by flicking the track pad
  • Sign out part of main menu
  • Tweet count in banner notification

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the update here on this post! Grab your copy of T4BB in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!