DDDRoid Xoom by DrkApprentice Designs

Since the dawn of the Android phone people have been replicating it to the Blackberry Smartphone.  Some can pull it off, others, not so much.  Drk Apprentice is one of the few that pull it off and to it well!  I have been an avid Blackberry user since late 2008, and I have to tell you I want a Xoom after seeing this theme.



Right from the start you can see there is a ton of work that went into this theme.  Seeing how many devices this theme is made for shows how much additional work went into making this for all users.  Lets dig in and see what this theme has to offer.  On the home screen you will find a beautiful blue wall, its part of the theme coding.  Normally that would make a theme “not wall paper friendly”.  Not this one, simply press ALT+* and you have full ability to set your own wallpaper.  ALT+# will bring it back up.  The icons, like the meters, scream Droid.  Mix that with the yellow focus tab and you have a very nice color mix.  The icons are exposed in the beginning but press Escape and the icons hide away, SpaceBar brings them back.    The Xoom eye is a very nice addidtion to this replicated Honeycomb Android OS, and of course hides and shows at will by pressing “z” and hides by pressing “x”.

Scrolling to the right bring up a nice set of today icons (Messages, Calendar, BBM, Text and Call Log) along with an additional icon.  Scrolling left (from the center page) brings us a small bar with 6 mini icons.  It really feels like I have the option to control my homescreen from the 3 choices. When you go to the app screen the beautiful blue Honeycomb wall shows up with the Android icons and the yellow focus.  The menu on this theme is extremely nice, semi tranparent with a simulated scroll bar on the right hand side.  Not to leave anything out is the buttons of this one.  Blue with a yellow bar at the bottom.  Anyone who has built a theme knows that making a button look the way you want can be taxing.  Drk Apprentice pulls it off very well.  The call screen are very nice and well laid out as well.

At 1.4mb it is larger than a typical theme of this caliber, but it is still very smooth on my 9650.  At .99 (reg. $4.99) it’s a killer buy and a nice addition to your phone.  As a theme developer myself, I highly recommend this theme.  You can get it now at the NerdBerry App Store.  What are you waiting for?