Shooter by Pootermobile

Its one awesome theme after another from this guy.  Shooter by Pootermobile isn’t his newest theme, but it is in the top 10 of my favorites.  If you are a die hard video gamer this theme is a must for you.  High quality, awesome features and great layout are some things we have come to expect from Pooter and this one is no exception.  Welcome to The World of Pootermobile!

When I first loaded this theme up my first reaction was to grab my rifle and go…..then I remembered its just a theme.  The homescreen is remarkable in its intensity that really makes you feel like you in mid battle with the enemy.  Press the Spacebar and now you have an automatic assult rifle that pops up with 6 cross-hairs (Icons 2-7).  Now it doesn’t show the icons but at the top of the screen it does say which icon your on.  To the top left is Icon 1, which can be used for a weather spot (weather app NOT included) or any other icon you choose.

The banner on this theme is true video game style.  Your signal meter and battery meter are very cool.  The batter meter is a military figure with a digital meter.  Signal meter is a gun with a 5 round guage.  Absolutey perfect!  When you go to the app screen all of your icons which are a very nicely matched to the theme, like a gun metal grey.  The menu is a semi-trasparent black with a grey/red gradient that gives color to this theme.  Same with the buttons, the fact that the background is dark and the rest is a nice bright color really makes it pop.  The new item indicator is a very cool bullet hole.  What did you expect something different from a theme called “Shooter”?  It was definitely a awesome experience running this one and I am sure you will love it too!

Pooter and Celly really bring it with this theme.  $3.99 for this theme and your video game fix can be done all day!  You can pick this awesome theme up in the NerdBerry App Store.