Gloss by BBT Designs

When a theme developer puts a lot of time into a theme, it shows.  What BBT Designs did with Gloss is incredible!  Not only did they make 1 theme that can change colors and opacity options, but they THEN went to make multiple colors with multiple options.  It’s insane and I love it!

First off you get a choice of colors and icons, stock OS6 and custom.  I chose the Black/Red with custom icons.  I have mine set to 0% opacity and green.  Looks like Christmas to be honest.  But your choice can be different with the unique options panel available from the homescreen.  Inside the homescreen is where the magic happens. Icon 1 is placed very nicely in the lower left with the time and date.  When you press ALT+8, icon 1 hides but then your time and date fall to the bottom.  You then have a dock vertically placed on the right side containing 10 user defined icons (Icons 2-11), its shows from the start but hides by pressing @ (# to show).  BBT Designs has also coded in 3 today areas for Calendar, Text and Messages (ALT+3 to show, Escape to hide).

The custom icon set used is a great aspect to this theme and really matches what they represent.  The menus are clear and easy to read, perfect font size; not to big or to small.  Cursors are very clear as well as the buttons.  If there is one thing I can say about this theme is this:  I know personally how critical it is to make all the parts of a theme work and blend together.  BBT Designs did a great job with this; everything blends together like a harmonious band.  After reviewing this theme and loving every second of it, I can easily say this theme is GOLD STAR NERD APPROVED!!

You can get this awesome theme from the NerdBerry App Store in Red and Blue