ReelPortal Bringing Adobe AIR 2.5 Video Chatting to PlayBook

ReelPortal is an Adobe AIR 2.5 based video chat and conferencing application for the BlackBerry PlayBook that was seen in the Playbook online App store. Right now the only way to video chat with a Playbook is to connect 2 Playbooks together and chat that way. This is one of the limitations that we have seen with the BBM video chat at the moment.  Companies like ReelPortal and Skype will be relied on to make this a cross-platform application.

Some of the feature so ReelPortal are:

  • video conference with multiple friends
  • join a public room, or create your own locked private room
  • supports both P2P and client/server connections
  • Persistent connection allows switching between Wi-Fi and 3G without dropping connections
  • Use it as a nanny-cam or video monitoring system

 If you would like to learn more about ReelPortal visit thier website here.