Autism Awareness Theme by AJC3 Designs

As many of the readers know, 2 of my kids have a form of autism known as “Asberger’s Syndrome”.  Asberger’s Syndrome affects the way a child processes information and also affects their social skills and their senses.  What people do not know is that it mimics a lot of other illnesses and goes undiagnosed and untreated.  1 in 150 children is born with some form of autism, I have 2 of them.  The medical community doesn’t yet recognize Asberger’s Syndrome as a form of autism; therefore insurance companies don’t pay for treatment.



When I developed this theme I took many things into consideration to build it.  It was built in literally 2 days start to finish.  The homescreen is a list of symbolisms.  Each aspect of the homescreen was carefully planned and executed.  The timing of some of the items is perfect.

  • Floating icons – These represent the families that feel like they are alone, floating in the world.
  • Puzzle WP, new indicator, focus tab – The puzzle is the way we see autistic children.  Different sizes shapes and colors, each one unique in their own way.
  • Blue colors – The color blue is the official color for Autism.
  • 6.1 icons – These came out with perfect timing.  The icons are colorful, unique but still the same BlackBerry icons.  Every autistic child is very colorful, unique, but still just a kid.

The homescreen is the part of the theme where it all comes together, each part working with each other to form the world.  The menus on this theme are dark blue; the walls are a washout puzzle background to make the icons pop out.  I made this theme as way to raise awareness.  This illness is a very costly one.  I am offering this theme free and as a fundraiser.  At the bottom you will see a link to AJC3 Designs account, this is my account.  Should you want to make a donation for the theme; all proceeds will go to needed doctor’s appointments for my children.  This includes transportation costs as well.

I really hope you enjoy this theme; it’s a special theme for me and maybe to you.

Autism Awareness 5.0 OTA 480×360 Screens
ALT+@ to open today, ALT+# to close

Autism Awareness 6.0 OTA 480×360 Screens
ALT+@ to open today, ALT+# to close

Autism Awareness Storm 5.0 OTA
Press left middle edge to open today, right middle to close

Autism Awareness Torch 6.0 OTA
Press left middle edge OR ALT+@ to open, right middle edge OR ALT+# to close

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