Coming Soon: Celic by Mobster Mobile Design

Being a lover of dark techy themes, Mobster Mobile really hit the spot with CelicCelic is pleasant on the eyes, sophisticated and oh so pretty.  With a mix of graphic, complexity and accessibility to areas on your berry;  this theme doesn’t ask to be on your phone, you beg it to be!


Celic has a almost analog feel to it.  On your homescreen your going to see several areas, you have fixed buttons (SMS, Messages, Calendar and Browser).  What makes these different from others is the way they appear to be pressed with focused on and glow a sweet color of blue.  Under those you have two very under rated buttons that glow the same blue (Profiles and Options).  To the left of those are 5 user defined mini icons (Icons 2-5) each with a nice and clear focus indicator.  Above that is an area to show you what icon you are on.  Above that is Icon 1 in perfect placement for your favorite app.  Now most developers would have called that good, not Mobster Mobile; above all those other goodies are your signal meter, clickable clock and battery meter.  The signal meter is easily identified by the network indicator above it.  I bet I have you attention now don’t I?

The icon set used is a great set; it matches the feel of the theme very well.  Each icon properly represents its use.  One thing that many developers don’t take into consideration with 3rd part icons is the size.  They want to make icons, or use icons that are not proportionate to 3rd party icons.  Looking at the app screen you’ll see that the icons are sized relative to 3rd party icons, that’s a very awesome touch!  The menus are stock, but work…..if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!  Like the homescreen buttons, the rest of system buttons are almost 3 dimensional.  The colors used and the way they are made really make them stand out nice and match the theme well.  The call screens are slick also, that gorgeous blue on the grey is fabulous with he way they set up the screen with the caller info inside the box and the avatar mingling inside of it.

Mobster Mobile Design has this theme priced at $4.99.  It will be released soon and if it’s not a hot seller I will eat my own socks! If you’re tired of tired themes, give this one a shot.  You won’t regret it.  This one gets the GOLD STAR NERD APPROVED for sure!  You can keep up to date on release of this theme at If you really can’t wait you can get their themes from the NerdBerry Appstore or BlackBerry App World.