FilesAnywhere Expands Their File Backup & Sync Tool to BlackBerrys

There is a large selection of cloud based back up software available for BlackBerry today. Users can choose from Dropbox, Sugarsync, and a few others depending on end user needs. FilesAnywhere has expanded thier backup/sync solution to include BlackBerry. Some of the main features that FilesAnywhere brings to the table are:

  • Automatic Login.
  • View FilesAnywhere folders and files, including photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets and more.
  • Upload files from your BlackBerry phone, including your photos and contacts.
  • Share your files or folders to any email address or contact in your phone, with no downloading and no email attachment!
  • Instantly access folders shared to you from other FilesAnywhere users.
  • Download files from your FilesAnywhere account to your BlackBerry
  • Manage your FilesAnywhere account from your BlackBerry, including New Folder, Rename, Delete, Move, Copy and View Properties.
  • Send Faxes to any fax machine in the World directly from your BlackBerry phone, using your FilesAnywhere account.

You can find out more information about FileAnywhere on thier website or download the program here.