RIM Co-CEO Balsillie Defends the BlackBerry PlayBook

Okay, first off the above image was just too funny not to use thanks to IntoMobile for that one. Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, has now stepped in to defend the BlackBerry PlayBook reviews. During an interview with Bloomberg Balsillie was questioned about a recent interview with RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, on the subject of BlackBerry security “issue” in India. Balsillie responded “I don’t think people realize just how great the threat matrix is of cyber-threats, both enterprise and consumer.”

Regard to the PlayBook placement in the market Balsillie stated:

“I talk to CIOs every day, and they’re sweating this issue. You hear a lot of this phrase… ‘consumerization of the enterprise,’ but in fact, I’m not really seeing that. I’m seeing it as a paradox, they say ‘I want consumer, innovative stuff, but I need it to enterprise-grade standards of security, reliability,  manageability, and scalability.’ I think our focus is resolving that paradox, not denying one half of it.”

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