Aura by BBT Designs

BBT Designs comes through again!  I swear every theme they make raises the bar a bit higher each time!  When I saw this theme for the first time I was blown away!  It has so many options, yet stylish and clean as a whistle.  BBT Designs defines flexible and functional!  This theme comes in custom gloss white/blue focus icons and BlackBerry 6.1 icons.  I chose the custom icon theme.

On thing BBT is known for is the amazing options available in each theme.  When you want a theme, you want one that rocks; having one that rocks AND customizable well that just takes the cake!  Let’s take a stroll down Homescreen alley.  First off, in the upper left hand corner you have a tab that when pressed slides out to reveal the date and a weather spot (Icon 1).  In the upper right hand corner is your slide out options panel.  This is where the magic happens!  You get 5 colors and 4 opacity levels and the ability to turn off the texture.  Really?  You want more?  Ok, let me see……oh ok, here we go; wallpaper friendly, 8 icon hideable dock and a 2 section today!  Press ALT+3 brings up Calendar navigating right hides the Calendar today and shows Text and Messages (Escape hides).  BBT Designs hand coded the svg so it is smooth as silk, even with all the available options.


The application screen is textured grey wall with the icons that I love.  The square underlay has a glossy look to it that goes great when the icons turn blue.  I know what the 6.1 icons look like, and I can say those will look great on it.  The banners on the homescreen and app screen are small but you can see them well.  I didn’t have issue seeing anything on them.  The menus look like the stock menus but are semi transparent.  The buttons are very clear and easy to read and distinguish between them.  The call screens are the same textured wall and very nice looking.  The font choice is excellent for my taste and it’s a smaller font, but not so small you can’t read it.   I am a big fan of themes; Aura brings out the best in a wide range of categories.  It’s techy, stylish, colorful, clean, unique and fun.  It’s got a bit of everything for everyone.  Guys and gals can appreciate it with the choice of colors and opacity levels.

I see a lot of themes; I do beta testing for people.  I see some of the best and some of the worst.  Aura is most positively one of the best, and I can take pleasure in saying it is GOLD STAR NERD APPROVED without having a shadow of a doubt.

You can get Aura from BBT Designs by clicking the picture below