No free tethering; AT&T blocks bridge

AT&T is blocking the ability to bridge your PlayBook with your BlackBerry according to reports. In tough economic times everyone is saving money, cutting costs. The ability to bridge was one of the highlights of the Playbook. AT&T is clearly not hurting for money considering the recent purchase of T-Mobile; this leaves me to believe that AT&T has lost touch with reality.

As it is AT&T is already one of the most expensive companies for cellular, they are known for blocking features to make you pay more. I have heard of them forcing data plans on people. AT&T has lost touch of who makes them stay alive, it’s customer base.

Bridging your BlackBerry with your Playbook would allow you to use the data signal from your phone to bring your tablet online. Its a standard feature with the Playbook. AT&T is worried that the bandwidth usage will go crazy. While I can see bandwidth going up, it’s still not comparable to the amount of bandwidth used by their flagship iPhone.

My opinion? If you can’t handle the usage to run it, don’t put it on your network. And if you do put it on your network, allow your customers to use the features on it. I am sure AT&T is not going to drop the price for the dropped feature.