BBSAK Updated to v1.9.11

Those of you who want to be able to understand everything that happens with your BlackBerry are very familar with BBSAK. It will allow you to do all kinds of wonderful and fantastic things with your phone. Backing up the Third Party Applications is the biggest thing it can do.

Change Log

BBSAK v1.9.11
• Added in Language.txt file (will fix blank button error)
• Reverted 3rd Party backup to include Docs2Go, for Docs2Go premium users

BBSAK v1.9.1
• Added Support for: Afrikaans, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese
• 3rd Party backup no longer includes Docs2Go, as it is included with all OS’s
• Fixed Bug with 64bit Windows, OS selector now works properly
• Fixed Issue with Dutch Language Pack

BBSAK v1.9
• Added Multi Language Support
• Fixed Bug with collapse button
• More Code Cleanup

Download BBSAK v1.9.11