BlackBerry Bold 9930, BlackBerry Torch 9850 (monaco) both headed to Sprint!

First off big shout out to Crackberry on this one. I know a lot of Sprint users, including myself, are ready for a new option when it comes to Blackberries and what Sprint has available. The waiting game is finally over!! As you can see from the image above both the 9930 codenamed Montana and the 9850 code named Monaco are going to be released on sprint’s network.

Hit the break for the release dates!

This image shows the release dates on the phones, it is a little blurry so let me clear everything up for all of you.  The Montana will be released 8/21/11 and the Monaco is on a TBD date.  I am pretty stoked about this.

We might have a pre-release review on one or both of these devices. So keep yourself glued to for all of the details.