RIM Knows Where You Are All The Time – Collecting Data From Your BlackBerry “To improve the speed and accuracy of future location services”

We have all heard about Apple tracking iPhone user locations, now it appears as though RIM has been tracking us as well. I stumbled across the below article this morning, so check it out and tell us what you think.

A few weeks ago, there were big fuss around iPhones/iPads tracking users every move, which led to Senate Hearing of Apple and Google execs explaining themselves.

We wanted to see if we can find what RIM is doing to its own users, can the smartphone giant be doing the same as its peers? It turns out, YES. RIM is collecting data on its BlackBerry smartphone device without you knowing, however, you can turn it off (if you can find the setting first!).


Why is RIM doing this? To quote RIM (see screenshot), “…to improve the speed and accuracy of future location services.” This may sound innocent enough (though  we may not really know what RIM is actually doing with the data), but there is a real financial impact to BlackBerry users that are not unlimited data plan. Every time BlackBerry collects data and send to its server, it is using your data plan and eating into your monthly data quota. For those of you that do not have unlimited data plans, this is costing you.

What to do?

Fortunately for BlackBerry users, RIM, unlike its peers, allows BlackBerry users to turn the “feature” off. Here is how:

1. Open up Options App (tool looking icon)
2.  Select Device option from the list
3. Select Location Settings options
3.  From the Location Settings screen, select Disable from Location Data setting drop down.
4.  Press the menu key and select Save.

We applaud RIM for making this an option where users can choose to turn on / off, but please make it more apparent to the BlackBerry user population.