Review: Mugen Power Extended Battery for Blackberry 8520

Folks at Mugen Power were kind enough to send me an exntened battery for my Blackberry Curve 8520 as a review unit. I’ve been testing this battery for about two weeks now. This extended battery is 2650 mAh compared to the standard 1150 mAh that comes with the Curve. So, that means it has more juice to offer me.

I’m an extensive user! I use my phone to browse the web, check the emails, play games like brickbreaker, listening to music and other social applications.

This battery makes your device a little heavier and bulky but for those long days and drives I really need it. Well I got used to it in about two to three days time.

Hit the break for a video and more info!

The battery doesn’t come with any heavy duty charger and can be charged with the stock Blackberry charger. It also comes with a back cover (panel) to hold this gigantic monster inside. If you’re a heavy duty user like me, then you need this heavy duty battery.

Mugen power offers batteries for almost all the Mobile phones and brands out there. Check out their website and see their whole line up of extended batteries for most mobile devices.

Be sure to follow Mugen Power Batteries on twitter to get discounts. Well for the rest of it go ahead and see the video.

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Review: Mugen Power Extended Battery for Blackberry 8520