Theme: HedoneDesign OS7Like

OS7 is about to be launched, but on new devices only. That doesn’t mean we can’t have themes with OS7 as an inspiration, right? HedoneDesign has put together this OS7 theme, and I do think it looks pretty good. This is a simple OS theme and can work with any wallpaper. In my opinion I think changing the solid black bars to another color, would make this look better.

Stock Description:

BlackBerry7 replica theme for devices running OS5 and OS6 from HedoneDesign.

Research in Motion has always been, indeed, a company “on the move.” There was barely the flicker of a candle between OS6.0 and the recently announced (and exponentially more powerful) OS7. Because we, as developers, have RIM-Sanctioned Snipers posted at our locations, we cannot reveal anything about OS7 even IF we DID know (which we DON’T). An anonymous artist speaking on condition of anonymity (and a minor condition of cookies), dropped this theme on our doorstep where we took him in, made him one of the order and raised him to be the anonymous-son he is today. Not a complete makeover, but just enough in just the right places.

MEDIA FOLDER (BlackBerry6 devices): If you don’t have your “media” tag populated, rename your media folder to “net_rim_bb_file_explorer.Media” (without quotes and case sensitive) and hide it. that way your media tab will be populated.

***Minimum OS is 5.0***

You can find this theme at our Nerdberry Store for $2.99.