Phone Remote for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.3.6

Phone Remote For BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v1.3.6. Phone Remote is really a neat little application, it will let you control your BlackBerry smartphone right from your PlayBook. This update is very small and appears to be just some bug fixes.

BlackBerry App World Description:

Bring all the functionality of your phone to your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Similar to a remote desktop application on your pc, this app brings your phone’s screen to your tablet allowing you to access all your apps, emails, texts, media, settings and options on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

Large ergonomic controls enlarge your phone’s navigation keys, keyboard and touch screen* reducing the difficulties sometimes encountered when using a smaller device. Remotely control and access your phone while its charging, connected to a pc or media station, or simply left in another room. Why carry both your devices around when you can just carry one?

* Touch screen navigation only available if you are accessing a touch screen device.

* Sometimes deactivating and activating wifi on first install will speed up connections issues.

Once downloaded, you will need to install a free pairing app (search for “Pairing App” in app world) onto each phone you want to access remotely through your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Currently both devices need to be within a shared wifi network, but planned free upgrades are being developed to allow wider access. Further info available from our website

Please contact us before leaving bad feedback as we will probably be able to help you fix any issues.

Recent updates include the option to save a screenshot of your phone, delete and enter key functionality and also the ability to select a quality of image stream, giving you the option to make the quality of the image a little less than normal which makes the amount of data transferred smaller and therefore faster all round for the user. You can now also view in fullscreen and if your phone is a touch screen device you can navigate whilst in fullscreen also!

Please ensure you keep the phone app up to date also via app world updates.

Grab Phone Remote for the BlackBerry PlayBook in the BlackBerry App World for only $2.99