Quick Recap of RIM Annual Meeting of Shareholders

RIM held thier annual meeting of shareholders earlier today and there was a few things mentioned in RIM and thier future, and that future looks bright! I listened in and just wanted to shed some light on a few things from the live blog. A few things to highlight on were:

  • There are now 67 million BlackBerry subscribers
  • Of those there are 45 million BBM users
  • The 4G PlayBook is still on schedule for this fall
  • The PlayBook is being tested by over 1500 enterprises
  • The Bold 9900 will be one of seven new BlackBerry 7 smartphones this year
  • It will be the transitioning devices, leading into 2012 and that “early 2012″ QNX phones will come about
  • The BlackBerry PlayBook is a taste of what is coming for new QNX phones
  • RIM had to skip a generation of phones to get their hardware up to par

That pretty much sums it up. Not to mention that RIM is going to approach a new method of advertising within carriers as well as retail markets to make sure thier devices are well promoted. And that in terms of Android, RIM is optimistic in is past venues to remain competitive and will continue to be. Were looking forward to new QNX phones, the 4G Playbook, as well as new Blackberry devices and the Blackberry Bold 9900!

Crackberry via BerryReview