BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Updated to v1.0.0.41 in the Beta Zone

RIM has just updated BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing v1.0.0.41 (Bundle 40) in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. It appears that this updated is just for bug fixes and nothing more at this time. The last update was to v1.0.0.36 back on the 30th of June.

New Download (Bundle 40) Now Available!

A new beta version of BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing (Bundle 40) is now available in the downloads section!

Let us know what you think in the discussion boards!

Welcome to the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Beta/EAP Program

Welcome to the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Beta/EAP Program! We are excited to have you on board this program and look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on this brand new application.

Before you get started, please read through the points below to learn more about this beta program.

What is BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing?

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing is an application that provides users the ability to easily join hosted audio conferences with convenient reminders and a “Join Now” button to enter the conference with minimal input. If the call is dropped, it offers to join the conference again. It stores conferencing profiles so frequently-used conference numbers and access codes can be easily included when setting up a meeting.

How do I provide feedback?

  1. EAP Customer/Partner Status Calls
    EAP customer/partners can provide their feedback directly to their EAP representive during their normal weekly/biweekly status calls, along with the option to participate in any of the other feedback mechanisms as outlined below.
  2. Discussion Boards
    The best way to provide feedback on the application is to use the discussion boards. You can use the boards to provide comments or suggestions on the application, as well as request features and chat with other BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing users. The only thing we ask when posting on the boards is that you please respect your fellow community members and follow the BlackBerry Beta Zone Terms and Conditions of Use.
  3. Surveys
    To gather specific feedback on the application, we will ask you to complete some surveys. These will be used to gauge what you think of the application as a whole and how we can improve it to better meet your needs. This is your chance to tell us what you think of the application!
  4. Feedback Form
    The feedback form allows you to provide your comments or suggestions directly to RIM. Although the feedback form is available, we highly recommend that you provide all your comments or suggestions on the application via the Discussion Boards and Surveys.