Some New features are Not Working in Shared Board for the BlackBerry PlayBook! – v1.1.4 Coming Soon!


Just the other day we let you know that Shared Board for the BlackBerry PlayBook was updated to v1.1.1. Today we received an email from the developer letting us know a some interesting things about the app. Here is what the developer Gabor Csomak had to say:

I’m the author of Shared Board. I read your article:

Unfortunately some new features are not working as I hoped, but the fix, 1.1.4 is already submitted to AppWorld, it should be out in a few days.

So as you requested, here is the changelog since 1.0.0.:

  • rearranged UI
  • adding text to board

  • adding pictures to board (not in 1.1.1.)
  • desktop version (!!) available at
  • custom size and color brushes
  • group size counter for increased security.
  • saving the board to pictures (not in 1.1.1)
  • and other small improvements


Have a nice day!

Gabor Csomak


Thanks Gabor for contacting us with the updated change log and we can’t wait for v1.1.4!