Gee Reader for PlayBook has been updated to v1.0.9

GeeReader was updated to V1.0.9  and here are the release notes from App World

GeeReader is a touch-optimized Google Reader client for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

GeeReader has the following features:

  • Sync directly with Google Reader to retrieve your RSS feed subscriptions. Use your Google account to login.
  • Star, Like, and Share feed items.
  • Mark all items in a feed as read.
  • Sort feed items by “Newest First” or “Oldest First”.
  • View the article detail in a maximized window by tapping on the article detail panel title bar.
  • Click on the article title to view the full article in the system web browser.

v1.0.8 Release Notes:


  • Gestures (Swipe Up, Swipe Left, Swipe Right) are now supported in the article detail view
  • Added support for filtering feed subscription. You can now choose to only view updated feed subscription or all subscriptions
  • Added support for sorting the feed subscriptions alphabetically or as per sorting configured in your Google Reader profile
  • You can now customize the default font size used for the article text.
  • Moved the toolbar buttons to dropdown menus
  • Various minor styling tweaks
  • Added a “Back” button and a “Maximise/Minimise” button to the article detail panel

Bug Fixes

  • The main feed items behind the article detail popup are no longer scrollable when the popup is shown.
  • Fixed various stability issues
  • Site icons are now displayed on feed items when view feed items per folder.
  • The previous articles text is no longer shown in the new article panel when switching between articles

If you would like to get this app you can download it from App World here.