RDM+ Remote Desktop by Shape Services Launched for the PlayBook!

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RDM+ is an application that lets you the user log in to your PC or Mac remotely through your BlackBerry PlayBook! Last year we did a video review/walkthrough on RDM+ for BlackBerry you can check that out here: RDM+ for BlackBerry Walk-through! Please keep in mind this was one of the first video’s NerdBerry had ever posted. So go easy on the comments….

Hit the break for more info and Part 2 of our RDM+ for BlackBerry Walk-through!

Mobile Link

Easy-to-setup and reliable application providing fast and secure remote access to your Mac or Windows computers from BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  Connect to as many remote computers as you want at no additional cost! You can send and receive emails, edit text documents, surf web, manage files and basically do everything you usually do sitting in front of your home or office computer. No need to adjust firewall settings or configure your wireless router, the application is extremely easy to setup. With clean and simple interface, you will be ready to start using the application in a few seconds! Direct mouse control and quick commands allow swift and efficient remote control.

Free RDM+ Desktop application should be installed on each computer you want to have access to. RDM+ Desktop is available as free download at www.rdmplus.com. Application price is a one-time fee with all further updates included. SHAPE Services offer free technical support for all of our products.

*** Quick setup guide: ***

1. Install RDM+ from BlackBerry® App World™ and launch it on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™

2. Download free RDM+ Desktop and install it on the computers you would like to have access to.

3. Add RDM+ Desktop IDs into RDM+ Playbook and you’re all set.

You can download your copy of RDM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook in App World for $9.99