BlackBerry Podcasts App Updated to v1.5.0.45 – Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900 Already has v1.5.0.45 Pre-Loaded!

RIM has updated the BlackBerry Podcast App to v1.5.0.45! I was speaking to @b_ren8 on the PlayBook Video Chat and he let me know that the Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900 already has v1.5.0.45 pre-loaded on the device. RIM has posted the below info on their  official forums. The above screen shot was taking from the Rogers Bold 9900.

The free BlackBerry Podcasts app was updated to v1.5.0.28 back in April but hasn’t seen much action since. According to RIM’s official forums that is going to change soon with them announcing v1.5.0.45 now available. That seems like a small bump but according to their forums it adds quite a few new features including push delivery of new episodes.

Announcing BlackBerry Podcasts app  


Product Overview

With the BlackBerry® Podcasts app, you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts so they’re automatically delivered to your BlackBerry® smartphone along with a notification to let you know when they’ve arrived.  And if you want to check out your podcast subscriptions or look for featured podcasts, top downloads, or podcasts on arts, entertainment, or news, you can browse, search, and wirelessly download all kinds of podcasts. It takes virtually no effort at all on your part to enjoy free entertainment on your BlackBerry® smartphone.

Software Support: BlackBerry Podcasts app is available on BlackBerry 4.6 to 7 OS devices, however, BlackBerry ID, is only available for BlackBerry 7 OS devices.


  • BlackBerry® push delivery
    When users subscribe to their favorite podcasts, they’ll receive notifications whenever new episodes become available. Users can get them delivered to their BlackBerry smartphone automatically.
  • Wireless access to podcasts
    With the BlackBerry Podcasts app, users can easily get their favorite podcasts onto their BlackBerry smartphone using Wi-Fi®.
  • Podcast Catalog
    Users can view their podcast subscriptions along with featured podcasts, top downloads, and specific categories like arts, entertainment, news and many more.
  • Free podcast content
    Users stay entertained with access to free podcast content using the BlackBerry Podcast app