Teen Charged Using BBM to Incite Riots in UK

With all the roiting coming out of the UK, and the rumor of BBM being used to communicate, 18-year old teen girl from Clacton, in Essex, stands as the of intentionally encouraging or assisting in the committal of an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2007, after sending a message to friends on August 8th using BBM. This is the first time that BBM has been linked to a culprit in the case. It is a wonder of how this will play out for Research In Motion in the UK. I feel that how a person chooses to use or abuse social networks or applications is thier own personal business, thus the point and reason they are popular and used by many is the freedom to do and share what one chooses. But at the same time breaking the law and not being responsible with the networks or social applications, should not be allowed. RIM has stood firm on security, by not sharing data with the UEA, and countless number of times being the one platform that is secure considering the US president uses a Blackberry.

Do you think RIM should allow the UK police to acccess BBM?